Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Note to the Sayers of Nay

A word I must speak to all those who say “NAY!”
Or “No, you can’t do that” or “don’t try today!”
Your nay, no, and can’t are three words I won’t say!
For I can! And I will! And I must try today!

You look at my size (I am not all that tall)
And you tell me “just sit there, be quiet and small,
If You play with those kids you will tumble and fall
And we know you too well, you will certainly bawl.”

Ok, so I’m not the best kid on the court.
I miss hitting the ball and I know I am short.
But with maybe a yes, and a hand of support
I can play, I can win, I can conquer this sport!

No mountain’s too high and no valley’s too low,
No road is too long though my pace may be slow.
I learn and I love and each day I will grow,
I smile because of the secret I know…

For every no, nay or can’t -- I say YES!
I laugh at your worries, these yikes you address.
For I can, and I will, I will NOT second guess—
All the wonderful ways that I will find Success!

Sometimes as mom, some battles are harder to fight than others. I cannot let the naysayers drown out the I can! for my kids...Which of course segues to Dr. Seussism, but what can you do? ; )